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The BEST investment that the new home builder can make is choosing an upgraded insulation package. Insulation is one element of the homes construction that is extremely difficult to re-do if it is even attempted.

An upgraded insulation package can save the new home owner roughly 25-30% in heating costs. Each $1,000 added to a new mortgage converts to approximately $6 per month. Savings on the front end are a plus!

Truax & Hovey Ltd has been helping people through the new construction process for over 50 years. Let our experts put together the perfect package for your new home today!

Cellulose Insulation

Truax & Hovey are distributors of the finest quality spray foam insulation:

  • Cocoon: US Greenfiber's cocoon cellulose insulation delivers permanent, high efficiency thermal insulation and effective R-value, has permanent and proven fire resistance providing added safety, reduces nuisance noise when used in walls, offers a more comfortable living space, and is made from at least 80% recycled paper fiber, and supports energy conservation programs focused on environmental responsibility.

PolyEurethane Insulation

  • HEATLOK: The HeatLok 3-in-1 barrier system offers the three essential elements for the building enveloped into a single step. The wide range of applications for the HeatLok system include wood and metal framing, ceilings, floors, roofs, attics, crawl spaces, basements and foundations.


Q: How much insulation should I put in my attic?
The minimum recommended R-value is R-38, however, we recommend an R-50 in all attics.

Q: What about air sealing?
Air sealing is part of our insulation packages.

Q: How can I insulate a vaulted ceiling?
Spray-foam insulation is the ONLY way to insulate a vaulted ceiling.

Q: How can I insulate concrete walls?
Spray-foam insulation is the best way to insulate concrete walls.

Q: Should I insulate my garage?
Yes, even if you do not plan to heat the garage. We recommend insulating with fiberglas batt insulation.


What is the difference between Open Cell and Closed-Cell
Urethane Foam?

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