Frequently Asked Questions

Will my gas fireplace/stove/insert work with no electricity?
Yes, it will work just fine. Although you may not be able to use the blower or remote, as they are the only components which rely on electricity.

Am I wasting gas by keeping my pilot light on?
No, not at all. Gas consumption on a pilot light is pennies
per month.

Can I use my fireplace/stove/insert to heat a certain area of my home?
Yes, many of these products are AFUE rated. That means that they are able to supplement your home’s heat safely. Also, some fireplaces have “heat ducts” which can be run to cold areas of the home.

What is a “vent free” product?
These are products designed to use no venting or chimney. They are ideal for when there is no way to vent a product.

Are they safe to use in my home?
They certainly are! They have sensors and filters built in to monitor oxygen depletion and filter the burnt gas. *Check your local codes for specific application requirements.*

What is direct vent and natural vent (B-vent)?
Direct vent appliances use outside air for combustion. Natural vent, or B-vent, uses the air in your room for combustion. Direct vent is a bit more efficient, but you need access to outdoors. Natural vent is not as efficient but can be more cost effective.

How do I know what to choose? A gas stove, fireplace or insert?
An insert goes into an existing masonry chimney and is manufactured to produce heat. A fireplace is for new construction or remodel. A gas stove is quite versatile. It does not require a lot of room for installation, nor does it need a mantle or surround.

What is a gas log set?
This is an appliance intended to go into an existing fireplace. They are very decorative, but the vent-free models are high heat producers.

Is a wood stove efficient?
Yes! Many of the modern wood stoves can burn a single
load of wood up to 12 hours.

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