Wood Stoves

Gas Stoves:

  • Vented
  • Unvented

Wood Stoves:

  • Catylitic
  • Non-catylitic

HearthStone wood and gas-fired stoves are quality home heating products any homeowner would be proud to own. Gas stoves are certified to one of two standards: "decorative appliance" or "room heater." (This rating is clearly labeled on the stove.) Decorative appliances are attractive but they are not designed to heat a room, nor are they efficient. Room heaters, such as a HearthStone gas-fired stove, are serious heating units, subject to stringent efficiency standards. At HearthStone, our goal is to provide you with both aesthetics and efficiency!

HearthStone Heritage model 8021


Resolute Acclaim - noncatalytic

Intrepid NC - noncatalytic

CSDV30D Direct vent Cast Iron Stove with Double Doors (Enamel Black)

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